Freedom of Speech

“The Stamp Collector, The Journey, This is the Rope and I am a story” are all books that connect back to one story called “The Matchbox Diary.”

The Stamp Collector connects because the great grand-father can’t write but has cigarette Matchboxes. In the other book, the little boy collects Stamps. Inside he has objects that he collects to remind him of his past. It reminds him of his story and family tree. I once heard a quote about branches of a tree are each families but the roots always stay as one.

This is a Rope connects back to the story because they pass down a rope from generation to generation. It represents their families past. Overcoming, moving, from their home to have a better life.

The Matchbox, talks about the importance between generations. The great grand-father and the little girl have a special spark. I find this relationship very important, to have someone there for you that is older or younger in your life. I heard another quote that talks about, that there is as much to learn as there is to teach. In my opinion you can talk to them in a different way, and you can sometimes learn something new, there are many benefits having someone there for you that will help you in life’s challenges.

A third book called “The Journey” has a similar meaning, the mother has to sacrifice herself for a better life, for the future and her children.  She has to leave because they live in a dangerous place and her husband has died. They feel that they aren’t safe and sadness so they think that starting new is better than staying there.  In The Matchbox the great grand-father has to sacrifice leaving his home and grandmother behind so that he can eat and have a better life.

I have a connection with this incident because in my family I have many languages just like Portuguese, Sign-language ASL, English and French. This relates to the story because leaving his country, home he had to change languages.

“I am a Story” really jumped out at me because it is showing changes over the years and The Matchbox Diary are both telling a story. A story of their life and what they had to overcome.

I have several symbols that I have found throughout the book. Just like on the box of matches is written “La Luna” that means “moon” to show a different world is out there and captured inside the box. On pages 15, 16, 25 and 27 there is a suitcase that appears in the images, that shows the family traveling and what they had to do to leave behind their old life, start fresh in a new place as immigrants. On pages 22 and 23 has a picture of the Statue of Liberty, showing freedom, liberty. Freedom is very important because I don’t find it right, not having human rights and some countries don’t. We should all have freedom of speech! I also noticed that on this page, it’s a lot brighter than all of the other ones in the past. I think it represents joy and hope because they have a new life. The colors in this book changes many times because in the past its brown, dark and pale, in the present there is color contrast and brightness.

I felt, reading this book, sadness because of the great grand-father’s story and happiness because the girl is finally learning about her past ancestors. She sees something special with the box because each little box represents a different part of her story.

At the end, I believe that the girl has a bird in her hand that symbolizes her leaving, making her story, her mark and leaving behind her object, making her diary.

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The Cool Shoes Article!

       I have recently read a variety of different articles, in class.They all talk about the same idea, ‘’popularity, and I will be expanding and talking more about them. 

    I think to be accepted, you need to be kind, and be yourself. It relates to one of the mini stories called ‘’Nice Shoes’’ because Stan makes his own shoes and make his art popular. The kids start copying him because the ‘’cool kid’’ named Sam wears them. At the end, Stan ends up wearing plain white shoes.

    I think some people can get carried away with popularity because they get so full    of themselves that they think no one can stop them or change it. Bullying can sometimes be part of their life because of that. I think not all popular kids become like that but they can sometimes be cocky. Continue reading

Virtual Talking

Commenting is a place, where you can put your own  opinion on other peoples ideas. I love commenting on people from, different places all around the world because you get to see everyone’s different tastes, and talents of their own. Their cultures, and interests.

What I think of a good comment is, when the person introduces themselves and then start talking about a connection they have with it. I like when someone takes the time to leave a good ,constructed comment that will tell me what they like about the post ,and what I should maybe work on or change.

This week, I actually left three comment on different bloggers. Nuhaa from Pakistan, Nika from New Zealand and Amayah from NZ. Each own of these bloggers have different tastes. Continue reading

The Challenge

This year, I am part of the Student Blogging Challenge. If you don’t know what a Student Blogging Challenge is, well it is your lucky day today. The Challenge is that every week you get to write new posts about different things. These challenge are amazing. I even got to comment on different bloggers like in Pakistan and NZ. This week we had to write a post saying, that we are part of it. I happy because it is my first year part of this. I wonder what is the next challenge?

Wish me luck,

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Seven Years !

In piano now it is my 7th year playing. I am so happy because my piano teacher is now letting me pick my piano pieces. I have chosen the song “I Am Albatroaz. “ It is fun now because I now all the basics and my teacher is teaching me different signs and technics. I have been working on it for two weeks and I am up to three lines. That is how difficult it is. But I think that even though it is hard I am going to be able to accomplish this even though it might take a month or more. I always tell myself “ The harder it is the better “ because if it is easy what is the point of working on it. It is the same rule for drawing for me.

Do you play an instrument?